What are balmain fill in hair extensions?

Balmain fill in hair extensions are an innovative method of adding volume, colour, creating texture or adding length to your natural hair, the possibilities are endless. The balmain extension range includes 100% Human Hair  & Flair Hair Fibre, a man made synthetic alternative and Balmain Double Hair, an innovative volume, length and colour system that is quick, easy and offers affordable luxury. There is a full range of colours available in both range of dreadlocks, braids and hair accessories. Balmain Fill-in extensions  are suitable for just about everybody

How are they applied?

During the process a small, highlight size extension is taken and added to a highlight size section of your natural hair, these are joined together using a bond. This bond will remain in place for up to three months and will NOT damage the natural hair in any way. The extensions last 3-4 months depending on the natural hair growth, aftercare and maintained. The better care they receive, the longer they last. Double Hair may need to be refitted more regularly, depending on the natural hair growth.

How are they Maintained?

During the 3 to 4 months it is normal to lose a few extensions or the odd bond may become more visible, this is due to your natural hair growth. To compliment your home aftercare regime and help you keep your extensions beautiful, we recommended a regular maintenance visit to your extension stylist. This could be every four to six weeks and your stylist will re-apply any extensions that have fallen out or become loose. This will ensure that they stay looking GREAT, We recommend a full removal must be done around every 3-4 months. This is because as the extensions grow down the hair shaft, the bond begins to show and your natural hair loss is held inside the extension. If they are not removed at this time ties could cause damage to the natural hair. Double Hair may require more regular maintenance, we recommend double hair is re-fitted every 6-8 weeks.

Removal and Re-application?

Removal is a simple procedure, which does not damage the hair in anyway if performed by your hair extension stylist. A removal solution is applied to the bond, the bond disintegrates and the extension is then removed. Your hair is then brushed thoroughly and shampooed, conditioned and blow-dried. Balmain guarantees the condition of the Human Hair extensions for 6 months when following the balamin aftercare regime. They may last longer is they are properly cared for. The good news is that your stylist can re-apply a percentage of the extensions using the balmain rebond system, therefore re-application is cost effective significantly lower than the cost of your first extension application.



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